About Charlie Waffles & Co

About Charlie Waffles & Co

We are located in the heart of Dundee City Centre and with over 40 flavours of Ice-Cream to choose from, freshly cooked Beligian Waffles, luxurious milkshakes and much more, there really is something for everyone!

Ice Cream
We have 40 flavours to choose from, with all the classic flavours you'd expect + some more exotic and quirky flavours to try.

Our Luxurious-Milkshakes are to die for, they're made with fresh Ice-Cream and have been described by many as "heaven in a glass." Try one for yourself.

Hot Waffles
Our waffles are cooked fresh to order and can be topped with a wide selection of toppings from fresh fruit, cream, ice-cream, sweets, sauces, syrup and much more. 

We're currently working on exanding our service to include delivery...